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Today we’re re-visiting a site called Straight Wankers. The men are in their twenties; in the older video clips, they’re primarily twinks with smooth, slender bodies along with some sports jocks, some with unshaven legs and butts as well as shaved pubes. There are lots of uncut dicks in the older videos. Some of these men are Eastern Europeans, which explains all that foreskin. In the more recent episodes, I found the entertainers had a lot more reduced cocks, an elder appearance; they’re frequently hunks, a bit beefier than the people in the older episodes. A lot of these men are from the UNITED STATE, and also a number wear military uniforms and also may really be armed forces guys. Some of the performers were hotties, yet I found several of them were what I would certainly think about “normal” men with typical appearances, the kind you might see nearly anywhere.

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Piss Spy includes a really fascinating male urination specific niche. The website stations a camera man behind a gloryhole in a public toilet, after that we enjoy people approach the urinal, unzip their flies and also take a whiz. This website is created by the very same firm responsible for other dirty sites like Tricky Peek (boys captured on surprise electronic camera) as well as Rugger Bugger (sportsman captured during consistent breakdowns exposing their little bits), and I’m delighted to get in as well as see what it has to offer.